Internet Quota Control

“Internet Quota Control” monitor and controls the monthly Internet bandwidth usage for the machine and for each user. If the user reaches his assigned quota, his Internet access will be blocked. If your ISP put limit on your monthly Internet usage, this tool can help you find out how much bandwidth each user used. This tool can also help limit kids’ Internet access.

License: Shareware. 30 days free trial.
Latest Version: 1.0.46
Support OS: All Windows platforms start from Windows XP, include the latest Windows 8 and server 2012. Both 32 and 64 bit variants

Feature Highlights:

  • Setup monthly Internet quota for each user or for whole computer.
  • Block user from accessing Internet when quota exhaust.
  • Can switch to “monitor only” mode which does not really block user.
  • Query Internet bandwidth usage history for each user.
  • Web-based interface, can be controlled remotely with any www browser.

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