SMB Speed Up – speed up network share accessing

Network share speed up

SMB Speed Up is a free tool which can speed up network share accessing on windows for certain applications

Some applications did not well designed for working with files from network share, it will perform poor in this case. Especially on Gigabit network, these application usually can only use 100M bandwidth.
This tool will optimize file accessing for these applications and make them run faster.
In the test, it increased nandub.exe (a tool for video processing) performance from 2000frame/s to 4500frames/s when processing video files on the network share.
It will not help if the application performance bottleneck is not on the network.

License: Free
Latest Version: 1.0.19
Support OS: Windows platforms start from Windows XP, include the latest Windows 8 and server 2012. Both 32 and 64 bit variants

Feature Highlights:

  • User specify which application to optimize, will not affect other applications
  • Only affect performance of network shares accessing, will not affect local file access
  • Plug and play, no reboot required after install and uninstall.

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